Essay: Doll’s House

Essay: Doll’s House
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Doll’s House is a play by Isben revolving around Torvald’s family. It shows the life the family members have to lead, saving as much as they can. Women have to follow their husband’s orders. Men have to remain respected and securing a loan to Torvald is lowering a man’s dignity.

Mrs. Linde’s presence makes the audience understand that Nora, Torvald’s wife is secretive. Gender roles are clearly shown in the play as a “woman is economical, legally and politically subordinated because she is a woman” (Amartya). She cannot decide on her own.

Linde’s presence makes us learn that Nora can make an informed decision despite the fact that she is a woman. Most women just like Nora, are “Obviously trapped in a gender hierarchy, which calls for a painful decision” (Amartya). Nora has to take a loan but this is not allowed.

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