Essay: Drawbacks of Entrepreneurship

Essay: Drawbacks of Entrepreneurship
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The most crucial drawbacks to business ownership are:

  • Uncertainty of income

One of the major drawbacks that an entrepreneur faces is the ambiguity in terms of income. Profits and losses cannot be indomitable prior to the procedures. Sometimes business can grow and earn unlimitedly profiting to unforeseen heights but competition and economic crisis impacts may hinder the growth and productivity lessens, giving loss. Thus income cannot be determined.

  • Risk of losing invested capital

To start a business, entrepreneurs invest a wholesome amount of money as the capital. Every aspect that needs fulfillment requires money to be spent. If the invested amount is not monitored correctly and the business doesn’t seem to expand or return any good profits, the chances are high of losing the capital since necessary care is required with strict compliance.

  • Long hours and hard work

Entrepreneurship is one hectic phase of a job. Since output and profits of the business is completely dependent over the entrepreneur himself, there is no such time as 9 to 5 working hours, instead, business which are pre-mature require long hours of dedicated hard-work that become fruitful at the end.

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