Essay: Drawbacks of NMCI

Essay: Drawbacks of NMCI
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Hurricane Katrina

NMCI’s drawbacks were also exposed when Marine Corps were deployed for disaster management in Hurricane Katrina. At that moment, nobody in the company that was deployed for Hurricane Katrina knew of the restrictions in the laptop and it created a lot of problems when all of the NMCI laptops did not work on the field. It was found that in order to use them for any other purpose then on NMCI they had to be undocked from their station after a password has been put into the system. This required all the deployed to be sent back to the Marine’s base in Georgia where they could only be unlocked by NMCI contracted personnel as nobody in the military was given privileges to perform such tasks on the laptops. The major reason behind all these problems was security.

A number of security measures were taken to protect information laptops from leaking but due to poor practices, this information was not conveyed to the personnel who actually used the NMCI network. Another problem was the large delay in IT support from the placement of trouble ticket, such as in issues like this one to the response from NMCI IT personnel, which was 4 days. This was ridiculously long for a force such as Marine Corps, which is required to deploy anywhere in the world within 48hours.

The Current State

Despite all these issues, NMCI has continued to expand their services and now use part of the classified network as well. However, despite the fact the NMCI contractors have access to part of the classified network, there are measures in place that ensure the information security and integrity is maintained and until now no security breach has been reported.

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