Essay: Dress of Egypt

Essay: Dress of Egypt
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Different social classes wear different styles of clothes. The elite and rich class wears English and western clothes whereas village people who are the labor class wear traditional clothing; Men wear trousers with a galabiyah which is a long shirt and women wear long gowns with bright colors. Women also cover their heads and arms with some proper cloth. Sometimes even men tend to wear typical long gowns as in most Arab countries. Western clothes and cultures have persistently challenged societies all over the world and Egypt is no exception as clothing has now taken a fresh look with different materials and designs available all over the world (Thompson, 2008).


Rifa’a et-Tahtawi augmented the Egyptian Renaissance, starting the transformation from Medieval to Early Modern Egypt. Egypt’s rebirth was on its peak in the late 1800s and 1900s. The prominent people in this era were Muhammad Abduh, Ahmed Lutfi el-Sayed, Muhammad Loutfi Goumah, and many more. They articulated a broadminded corridor for Egypt uttered as a promise to people’s freedom, worldliness and trust in knowledge to carry out Egypt’s developments.

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