Essay: Driving the BSC to unit levels

Essay: Driving the BSC to unit levels
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“The next step was to offer balanced scorecards at the service unit level and then to the individual operating unit level” (Meliones, 2000). This step by step approach encouraged focused development efforts at the direct patient care level that were associated with the planned goals of DCH. Without this positioning, performance improvement efforts were often times intransigent and were attentive to only local concerns that had a small impact on organizational results. Keeping in line performance improvement initiatives in the direction of strategic aims provided a significant economy of scale and ensured that the entire hospital benefited from mutual efforts.

The most demanding job for management at Duke University Hospital though was to induce its workers to work in innovative styles. Doctors and managers originally viewed the shift to systematize them into groups as one that would shift the entire style of working at the hospital. It needed a lot of influence, assurance, and perseverance to get all staff to work according to the new process.

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