Essay: Drug Courts

Essay: Drug Courts
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Miami-Dade County, Florida in 1989 was the first drug court that was formed in response to the augmenting crack-cocaine problem spreading in the country. This court was formed to provide or allow convicted individuals alternate treatment. And this court has gained widespread popularity because of the growing number of the drug offenses taking place. Between 1984 and 1999, the number of defendants ascribed with a drug crime in the Federal enclosures expanded 247%, from 11,854 to 29,306[1].

By 1999 there were 472 drug enclosures in the territory and by 2001 it had 77,000 participants[2]. By 2005 that number had expanded to 1262 with another 575 drug enclosures in the designing stages; actually, all 50 states have employed drug courts. There are actually about 55,000 persons treated every year in drug courts, though an approximated 1.5 million suitable persons are actually before the courts[3].

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