Essay: Drug Testing of Employees

Essay: Drug Testing of Employees
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The term drug testing refers to the testing of biological material in order to detect whether the person being tested is using or has used specific drugs. Drug testing can be done in a variety of ways the most common is the random testing of employees. As the name conveys this involves testing them at random intervals. Individuals can also be tested before they join their place of employment or after a work related accident.

Drug Testing is usually done in one of three ways. The first is the most common known as Urine testing. In this the individuals Urine is collected in a specimen jar and tested for any drug traces it might have. The second is by using hair, in this assessment the person will give one or two strands of hair from his/her head. Since hair grows over time trapping whatever was is in the individual’s blood the test is most useful in confirming long term drug use. Sweat, Saliva and Blood tests are uncommon however are very accurate and follow the same principle as the Urine analysis meaning they are used to check for metabolites. Finally there is a Drug testing kit known as Drug alert which consists of a pre-moistened cloth. The cloth is used on the employees’ working area, door knobs, clothing, etc to pick up traces of illegal drugs.

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