Essay: Drug Treatment and the inception of Drug Courts

Essay: Drug Treatment and the inception of Drug Courts
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Remedial programs for drug abuse have proved to be highly successful. Drug treatment programs have demonstrated successful results. Many researchers over the past centuries have proved that drug rehabilitation decreases the possibility of criminality and augments the period of non criminality for the prisoners who have re-entered the society. Simultaneously the drug dependency of the offender is also slowed down.

People who have committed a non violent crime or who have done so for the first time without any criminal record prove to be benefited from this treatment. The drug treatment program normally comprises of in-house correctional facilities or psychotherapy. However, it is being seen that these treatments are not proving to be as effective as they were in the start. Therefore plans and services are being urbanized to start addressing this non effectiveness of the treatment. Another effective treatment for drug abuse is to segregate the drug offenders into an arrangement which is called a drug court.

The drug courts came into being after the realization of overcrowding in the U.S prisons during the 1990s[1]. These courts are involved in overhearing cases from non aggressive drug offenders. And whoever is felt qualified by the court is asked to choose between imprisonment and drug treatment program. Drug courts are easily spread out all over the U.S. The key to reducing the rate of recidivism is partaking in either drug abuse treatment at a large penitentiary or through drug courts making the treatment compulsory.

[1] Taxman, F., & Byrne, J. (2001). Fixing Broken Windows Probation. Perspectives, 25, 22-30.

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