Essay: Duplex Schemes in WiMax and HSPA

Essay: Duplex Schemes in WiMax and HSPA
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Another major difference between WiMAX and HSPA is the duplexing scheme, i.e. how the data transmission in upload and download is supported simultaneously.  In WiMAX standard, the data in uplink and downlink is transmitted using time-shared duplexing scheme called Time Division Duplexing or TDD. Each terminal is assigned a slot for uplink and downlink and the transmission takes place only in a single frequency channel. Also, the sharing of the frequency channel is defined by the ratio between uplink and downlink.


HSPA, on the other hand, uses a totally different multiple access methods to support uplink and downlink transmission simultaneously. It uses Frequency Division Duplexing (FDD), in which, two separate carrier frequencies are used for uplink and downlink transmission, hence there are no sharing of resource for uplink and downlink for particular equipment. This technique although is quite useful in dealing with interference issues and in removing unnecessary switching ( uplink to downlink and vice versa) delay as in TDD systems, but it is widely criticized for its high usage of spectrum, which in today’s world is an increasingly valuable commodity (Puthenkulam, 2009).

Supported Handover Types


In comparison to its predecessors, the support for handovers has been added in WiMAX standard 802.16e. However, since the WiMAX standard is primarily made for data transmission, it only uses hard handover for switching from one base station to another. This is pretty much acceptable since insignificant delay does not carry much significance when it comes to data transmission and the user would not feel much difference in the quality of the service as the handover is taking place (Conniq, 2009).

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