Essay: During and After the Disaster

Essay: During and After the Disaster
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During the Disaster

During the disaster the following procedures are to be followed

–          Terry Birdman, the primary co-coordinator for disaster recovery, should be informed. He will then inform other key personnel by using the notification plan.

–          Members of the Disaster Assessment team will be responsible for documenting the events from start.

–          Member of Disaster Recovery team will be responsible for the security and safety of other. This will involve evacuating the personnel from the building and inform police and fire department if necessary.

–          Members of the Business Continuation Team will be responsible for ensuring the safety of the backup data at the office and proper shutdown of the systems to minimize further damage.

After the Disaster

–          The Disaster Assessment team will assess the damage and save the remaining articles.

–          The Core Committer will be responsible for co-coordinating efforts of all other teams and decision of using secondary site based on the report of Assessment team.

–          The Disaster recovery team will be responsible for making sure the secondary site is ready to be if needed. It will be the first to arrive on the secondary site to register the arriving personnel.

–          The Business Continuation Team will be responsible for the restoration of data from tapes and CDs to enable the business critical functions to resume.

Training and Testing Requirement

–          It is recommended that training session for staff should be organized in coordination with third parties, with respect to their Disaster Recovery Role.

–          Each employee will perform checklist testing on the DR plan and suggest changes that should be made.

–          The walkthrough test will be conducted by the Core Team who will point out any shortcomings of the plan.

–          All employees will go through simulation testing of DR Plan once a year.

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