Essay: E-Commerce

Essay: E-Commerce
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The Internet has made it possible for business organizations to conduct their business in the room of the customer, interacting with him while offering a complete range of products and offers then is possible otherwise. More and more organizations are choosing to do their business online, as it allows them to increase their customer base while offering security, wider choices and peace of mind to them.

This has been made possible through E-Commerce. E-Commerce refers to the process of conducting sales and purchase over electronic systems such as the Internet. It offers organizations several advantages over conducting business in another medium. For example, E-commerce allows them to offer their products and services directly to the customer at his premises while providing a number of methods for payments. This gives the customer more security and allows for a more comprehensive decision making by avoiding the hassle of visiting markets as well as haggling over price and mode of payment. Furthermore, E-Commerce is also used by business to gathering information related to customer habits which also allow them to align their business accordingly. Furthermore, organizations also use E-Commerce to conduct business with other organization, which speed up the process of quotation, vendor selection as well as billing (Goel 2007).



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