Essay: EasyJet services to larger customer base

Essay: EasyJet services to larger customer base
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These aircraft are somewhat similar to the EasyJet fleet, but the only exception being that their seats are configured for 148 passengers as opposed to the 149 seats for air travel passengers found on each individual EasyJet aircraft.

To the addition to the Go’s fleet, the opportunity for EasyJet to operate in mature routes that they weren’t operating in before the acquisition will create additional opportunities for them to develop their network density by adding to their “joining dots” strategy i.e. operating in more destinations etc, thereby decreasing the cost and risk of their network development which would otherwise be incurred were EasyJet to develop routes from the start-up, with the provision EasyJet services to larger customer base, most importantly in those key target markets which include London and South-east England and the potential market from which to draw demand for new destinations.

In addition to Go’s established Routes and Fleet aiding to achieve this motive, both Go’s network is similar to EasyJet Network as shown in the following table which sets out each individual companies expected routes system for summer 2002;-

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