Essay: Eating at School

Essay: Eating at School
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‘Eating at school’ is regarded as the most pernicious thing by the children themselves and many of the children are of the view that ‘school cafeteria’ sells ‘unhealthy food’ which affects the health of the students (Dolliver, 2005, p.29). One improvement that was made during the previous years was the initiating of a computerized system in the cafeteria in some of the schools (Computerized Cafeteria, 2006, p.3). These cafeterias would enable the parents to ‘use the internet to monitor what their kids eat at school’ and this ‘initiative’ would further help the parents to discern the quality of food provided to their children at schools (Computerized Cafeteria, 2006, p.3). Moreover, the incessant check by the parents of the children would also result in the curb on the increasing decline in the nutritious food provided to the children at cafeterias (Computerized Cafeteria, 2006).

It is the responsibility of the cafeterias to make the provision of nutritious food possible to the children and they must also be provided the food they desire (French, Fulkerson, Shannon, & Story, 2002). There are several factors that may affect the ‘food choices’ of the children in the schools and which include ‘health concerns, labeling, and nutrition information, taste, cost, availability and peers’ and these can be varied in terms of ‘gender’ or age (French, Fulkerson, Shannon, & Story, 2002, p.229). Many of the children and the adolescents are concerned about their health and smartness, therefore, they are very cautious in selecting food during the time they spend in the schools.

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