Essay: Economic Factors for Market Evaluation

Essay: Economic Factors for Market Evaluation
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In terms of economic factors, both Russia and Czech Republic offers similar evaluation. The GDP size, as well as growth rate of Russia, has been much higher than the Czech Republic in recent years, thus Russia has been evaluated to have a higher weight than the Czech Republic, which, has shown a constant rate of growth with regards to GDP albeit at a low rate (Central Intelligence Agency 2009). The Automotive manufacturing sector forms a significant part of the market in both countries, especially the Czech Republic where up to 90% of the vehicles manufactured are exported (Newswire Today 2008). The Czech Republic has also displayed much better control over inflation by keeping it in single digit. Hence in the evaluation, it has been awarded an 8.

There have been some issues in the Czech Republic regarding unemployment rates; however, these are currently being worked on. The Czech Republic boasts excellent macroeconomic policies and there is much less affect on businesses with regards to currency fluctuations (Central Intelligence Agency 2009).

On the other hand, Russia has an inflation rate in double figures and has currently suffered frequent minor currency fluctuations recently. Russia also has modified its macroeconomic policies which have resulted in significant growth in industries within Europe (Foreign Investment Advisory Council 2008). However, the ease with which business can be set up and run in Russia is quite troublesome, especially when considering activities such as construction permits issuance and trading across borders (The World Bank Group 2009).

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