Essay: Economic Principles and Policies

Essay: Economic Principles and Policies
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Evaluating these strategies, economic wise they were very good strategies taking into considerations that the countries though had advanced, they had not reached the current level. Economic principles and policies for regulating the financial markets require more of monetary policies than fiscal policies. This is because the financial crisis is usually as a result of the changes within the economy’s currency (Fox, 1998). Therefore, any measure to regulate the financial market is to be directed towards the regulation of the money supply and demand within an economy. Exchange regimes have also been proved to be very effective in regulating the financial markets (Crouch and Streek, 2000). There is serious need for any economy facing serious economic and financial crisis to engage more in developing the financial markets through the various monetary policies available.

Employing floating currency regime is a better option especially while dealing with the financial market regulation. In this case, there is very little government intervention though the problem automatically addresses the issue whilst correcting them (Bianchi et al. 1995). Nonetheless, fixed exchange regime has also proved effective in certain circumstances where the foreign market is not performing well.

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