Essay: The Economic Unimportance of the Arts in Britain

Essay: The Economic Unimportance of the Arts in Britain
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According to ‘the Economic Unimportance of the Arts in Britain’, John Pick asserted that more than 60% of tourists would have visited Britain without purpose of arts by the quotation of statistics of British Tourist Office and proved that there is only 7% of tourists who want to cancel the travel for the reason that there is no arts for watching. In addition, he pointed out that the study on the artistic economy by Myerscough has been exaggerated by showing the facts that there were only 7% of foreign tourists who has the most important purpose of visiting Britain as arts.[1]

Hansen[2] also joined in this controversy and criticized in some respects of study on general artistic economic significance. First, the economic effects are too exaggerated. She asserted that the people who insisted the artistic economy calculated the consumption of arts, employment effects and tax revenues etc. but they should consider whether the consumption and employment creation of art are new and additional. Second, she asserted that the arts funding contributes to economic development but the effects of funding on the other things except arts is passed over.

[1] John Pick,  ‘The Economic Unimportance of the Arts’ Journal of Arts Policy and Management Vol 3, 11-12, London City University, 1989

[2] T. Bille Hansen, ‘Cultural Economics and Cultural Policy: A Discussion in the Danish Context’, European Journal of Cultural Policy 2, 1995, pp87-104

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