Essay: Economy of Egypt

Essay: Economy of Egypt
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Egypt’s economy is dependent on mainly farming, media, fuel exports, and tourism. Additionally, there are more than 3 million Egyptians who work overseas especially in Europe and the Persian Gulf.  The achievement of the Aswan High Dam in 1970 and the ensuing Lake Nasser have changed the traditional position of the Nile River in the farming and environmental science of Egypt. A fast rising populace, restricted land, and reliance on the Nile all carry on overtaxing wealth and stressing the financial system.


Egypt is a major Muslim country with Islam as its embraced religion. Almost all of the Egyptians are Sunni Muslims, however very few are Shiites. There is also a great number of minorities such as Christians who probably make up the six to eight percent of the population.

There is also an undersized, however traditionally important, non-immigrant Bahá’í people which total up to 2000 only, and an even minor group of people who are Jews and finally the atheist and disbelievers.

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