Essay: Educating Children

Essay: Educating Children
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Information is so abundantly available now and the world is so rapidly changing that is has become quite a task to educate our generation the right way and keep them updated with all the advancements that are taking over our world at a rapid pace. This task becomes quite complex as the need is to make the children aware and adaptable to the modern ways and hence a modern teaching methodology is more effective as compared to the traditional approaches to education.

The pace of development is so intensely rapid that it has become very difficult to compose a curriculum that could comprise education and knowledge enough to suffice the entire lifetime need of children. Hence the aim of educational institutions should not be to impart a certain amount of knowledge to the children but to enhance and develop such skills and abilities in them which ignite the power to learn and discover in them. This thirst for knowledge and the keenness to discover will help them independently uncover new dimensions. At the same time, innovation and creativity should be developed in children so that they may take the information learned to a newer level and use it in multiple dimensions to create something brand new and improve their competitiveness.

Teaching should no more be such where children are the subjects. Instead, they should be the objects. This implies that children should not be dormant participants in the process of education but should themselves be taking an active part in their own learning. Teachers should not just provide the information to students but should instead encourage them to discover new information themselves. This, however, doesn’t mean that teachers should completely alienate themselves from this process but they should always be present as the guiding and motivating factor for their students.

This approach will prove to be very beneficial in the future learning of students as they would have the confidence in themselves to uncover newer dimensions of their area of interest.

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