Essay: Education through self discovery

Essay: Education through self discovery
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The second theory of education that is criticized by Egan in his book is about education through self-discovery. According to this theory, each student has a right to educate himself through his own educational curriculum. This theory of education also provides an idea that the development of student drives knowledge. The benefit assigned to this theory of education is that it is centered on students and the main purpose of education is to make the students better human beings. By having a curricular of their own choice, students are more interested in the learning process and due to this increased curiosity, they acquire knowledge. This theory of education also advocates the idea that education is a psychological process and depends upon the psychological activity of the students (Noddings, 1995).

The third theory of education that has been criticized by Egan is regarding the education for creating socially compatible people. According to this theory, the purpose of education should be to homogenize children and to ensure that they are prepared to fulfill their respective roles in the society and they perform their functions by remaining within the values and beliefs of the society. Therefore, the essence of this theory of education is to socialize the student and to make him ready for his role in the society.

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