Essay: Education

Essay: Education
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Ethical consideration for teachers is one of the most important factors while considering the education profession and taking on the role of teacher. The ethical responsibilities are related to the teacher-student commitment and also based on the teachers’ perception of their personal impact on teaching and learning. A good educator must understand the field as an evolving and changing discipline based on theories and evidence-based principles.

Ethical Considerations for Teachers

There are three basic ethical considerations in educational practice and policy which create a need for the reflection of ethics to frame practices of teachers (Peterson, Kelly & Caskey, 2002).

The first one is reoccurring series of evaluation designs that directly involve teachers in formative or summative peer evaluation. Secondly call for increased teacher professionalism, and finally for a variety of educational applications use of ethical codes to guide professional behavior. The teacher involvement in professionalism and peer evaluation are controversial, the proposals and studies provide more teacher data judgments and gathering summative peer evaluation (Peterson, 2000). Clear understanding of these expected behavior on part of teachers as evaluators and set esthetical guidelines develop the professional duties among teachers. Peer evaluation can include combination of activities often, summative formative nature of task define these activates. Peer evaluation is mixture of review of instructional materials, mentoring and assistance in gathering data, collaboration in action research and school development projects, or grade level leadership. The purpose of using ethical codes is to invite comments and suggestions from the readers and reviewers. (McCarthey & Peterson, 1988)

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