Essay: Educational Profession

Essay: Educational Profession
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The educational profession is highly based on excellent modifications in enhancing and upgrading teaching profession, call for increased professionalism rely on the involvement of science for that reason the educational research-and-development community consider that the educational improvement is based on scientific progress (DeYoung, 2005).

The Code of Ethics developed to provide members of the Teachers Association with some extensive ethical statements to direct their professional lives and to identify relevant considerations in the case when ethical uncertainties arise, and also present resources for individuals new to the profession to learn about the ethical principles and standards that should conduct the work of institutional researchers. The code application needs use of common sense and high quality judgment and it can be use in any specified case. Consequently, the  Code need to be reviewed and applied carefully in cases that may be seen either as ineffective or as all-powerful, neither of which is suitable (Association for Institutional Research, 2001).


This paper identifies three basic ethical considerations in educational practice for teachers in K-8 setting and relevant research work. Furthermore the teachers can change the culture of school to alter the way students are treated. Beliefs, values and behaviors can change significantly when teachers volunteer to integrate the general education environment. Teachers in schools started to reflect upon their priorities that were created by group of their colleagues. The criteria of the successful professional is one who works efficiently and effectively in meeting the standardized criteria set for the accomplishment of both teachers and students.

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