Essay: Effects of Computer Viruses

Essay: Effects of Computer Viruses
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These viruses have adversely affect several businesses with an average cost of at least 2000 dollars an incident with some companies reporting damages of more than 100,000 dollars (Hubbard, 1998 p.12-16). According to statistics the total damage done by viruses included costs of up to 166 billion to 202 billion dollars. Considering that there were 115 million computers infected in 2004 and that there are 11 million computers in the world which are permanently infected. The average cost per computer comes around to $277 to $366 (O’Brien & Marakas, 2008 p. 381).

Knowing how viruses can harm businesses today it important to know how to protect computer networks and individual systems from them. There are several problems which stem from the existence of viruses such as the advent of adware and spyware. Along with the resulting loss of personal privacy and unauthorized access of personal files the existence of these viruses has created a need within companies to find new ways to protect themselves. Supplementing these efforts is the implementation of cyber law which regulates activities over the internet or electronic devices.

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