Essay: The Effects of the Current Recession

Essay: The Effects of the Current Recession
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The dissertation examines the effects of the current recession on the shopping behavior in the students of Durham University, UK. Literature reviewed comprises of theories revolving around the buyer’s decision making, the reasons and outcomes of the current economic recession. The research also discusses some marketing strategies for retailers which if employed can be fruitful both for the consumer and themselves. The methods of the research entail data obtained from secondary sources and from questionnaires to recognize changes related to recession in student’ spending patterns. Conclusions are made about the effects of the recession on the students with regard to the volume of spending on necessities, luxuries, and food items.

1.4 Significance of the Study

The dissertation is especially paying attention to the examination of the students’ actions changing from a marketing viewpoint. The thesis deduces a figure of suggestions, which were extracted from the conducted secondary and primary research. The developed thesis outlines a variety of thoughts that companies can put together in their marketing campaigns in order to achieve their goals successfully, in spite of the recession.

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