Essay: Effects of Family Differences and Divorces on Children

Essay: Effects of Family Differences and Divorces on Children
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Although the research carried out by Dykeman is quite useful but there are several flaws in the research as well. The researcher only indicates the effects of family differences and divorces on children and completely ignores other factors such as intelligence, overall classroom environment, social implications on children with divorced parents and other internal and external factors.  The results of paired t-tests rely heavily on statistical significance which means that the derived results should be quite distant from zero either positively or negatively.

Whereas the observations, findings and conclusions of this research are based on results which are quite close to zero. The results derived from the t-test should be replicated when studies are repeated but if these tests are not replicated then it renders the t-tests useless (Schuele & Justice, 2006). Dykeman performed the research using the paired t-tests without any reference of similar previous studies performed with the tests and there is only one study which does not indicate if the results of the tests can be replicate. Another problem while using paired t-tests is that they should be applied large sized samples so that useful results can be interpreted (Schuele & Justice, 2006). The performed research only uses a sample of 21 students out of which only 15 students have actually participated. The size of the sample is not sufficient in deriving useful results from the research.

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