Essay: Effects of Human Papilloma Virus on Women

Essay: Effects of Human Papilloma Virus on Women
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Henderson says regarding the enormous prevalence of the high risk form of the disease in women “How unfair that this virus should cause such extensive damage to women, while leaving men relatively unaffected! There is some measure of truth to your perception.

HPV seems to be an equal-opportunity infector, but not an equal opportunity afflicter. Still, men can also be seriously affected.” (Henderson, Yasgur, & Warshowsky, 2002) While Monsonégo shows in his books how studies have proven that “Among men agred 18-24, HR-HPV’s were slightly more prevalent (18.4%) than LR-HPV’s (15.2%).”  (Monsonégo, 2006). In my opinion this information shows how even though men may not be susceptible to the cancerous effects of HR-HPV’s or high risk HPV’s the fact that they can act as carriers without symptoms for years further shows the danger posed by this disease especially in the case of women with multiple sex partners. And the number of men who are susceptible to the HR-HPV infection is no indication of the true prevalence of this disease in men.

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