Essay: Effects of Industrial Noise and Smoking on Hearing

Essay: Effects of Industrial Noise and Smoking on Hearing
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Aside from the logical progression of factors mentioned above there are others which are attributed to hearing loss which though not apparent share their importance. Cigarette smoking is an example; researchers found that smokers were far more likely along with nonsmokers exposed to second hand smoke to experience hearing loss than nonsmokers.

Industrial noise and smoking have a combined effect which can lead to high frequency loss of hearing. Nutrition and exercise also play an important role in protecting hearing; studies show how physical fitness can enhance hearing and thus prevent damage. An effective diet which increases the level of antioxidants in the blood is also effective at mitigating hearing loss. Magnesium, Zinc and Vitamin B9 and B12 have also shown a relationship with hearing health (Daniel, 2007).

Other factors show a comorbid appearance with NIHL, factors such as loss of teeth present hearing loss in individuals who are shifting from greater to lesser than 17 teeth. There is a direct proportionate increase in hearing loss with the number of teeth lost. Hearing loss is also directly proportional with diabetes and the presence of a high blood sugar (Daniel, 2007).

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