Essay: Effects of DDoS on the Businesses

Essay: Effects of DDoS on the Businesses
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Throughout the past few years, companies and organization having an online presence have continued to be attacked and affected by the DDoS attacks. These attacks have been carried out to fulfill motives of the attackers, who were unhappy with either the progress of the companies or had their own personal grievances with them. In either case, the denial of services has been the equivalent of a denial of business to many of these businesses. These attacks had not only caused these companies loss of customers due to inconsistent service but also due to the fear of their personal information being lost due to a security breach. But the damages to the companies have not been restricted to this; the financial losses that have occurred as payments to employees for no or low productivity during attack hours as well as the recovery process, have been significant (Hovav & D’Arcy, 2003).

Furthermore, a new threat of company extortion is also on the rise, which has seen companies panicking for payments, in order to protect themselves from DDoS attacks as nonpayment of such extortion would result in company suffering from long outages of services (Melnick, 2008). A lot of past examples can be found in the media everywhere, which can be presented to demonstrate the severe effect the businesses had to or could have felt as result of a DDoS attack.


Just last August the blogging website, Twitter, got hit by DDoS attacks. In both the attacks, the Twitter website users suffered a severe lack of service, with the majority of the user unable to access the website for several hours (Montalbano, 2009). This event not only caused great discomfort in the Twitter user but also caused panic among Twitter site administration as well as they worked hard to control and balance the flow of traffic that was put on their server due to the DDoS attack. Though no loss of information was reported by Twitter, it could have been possible to carry out security breach as well, as much of the resources of Twitter were directed toward stopping the DDoS attack (Gaudin, 2009).


In 2007, one of the largest registrars of the Internet domain names as well as web hosting provider, GoDaddy, also experienced massive DDoS SYN Flood attack which brought its services to its knees. Due to unavailability of GoDaddy services, dozens of its users experience total blockage of their websites, resulting in unnecessary inconvenience as they were not being able to conduct their businesses. This lack of access not only caused GoDaddy users significant financial losses as many of them ran e-businesses and shops which are totally dependent on the customer visits for their business, but it also caused trouble for GoDaddy, as it faced criticism for lack of measures to defend against such attacks. GoDaddy also faces severe criticism about not making its position clear on patching its servers to Day Light Savings which could have been a possible cause of attracting such an attack as this fact was highlighted in the media (Computer Business Review, 2007).

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