Essay: Effects of Video Games on Social Life

Essay: Effects of Video Games on Social Life
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Another negative effect of computer games on children has been on their social life. At a younger age, child possess a mind which is much more capable of taking effects from the activities that are performed, whether negative or positive. As more and more attraction is embedded into video games by companies, children tend to make them a preference over other activities. Since playing video games is alone activity most of the time, this results in affecting the attitude and social life of the children. Spending long hours alone in the room without much interaction results in a severe lack of trust by the child on others as well as the fairness of others. Disconnecting from the outside world also means that the child suffers from a lack of interaction with people which not only hinders his ability to percept things correctly; it also severely affects his social communication skills. As a result, a child spending most of his time playing video games has fewer tendencies to make friends and thus spend much of the time alone which itself may result in complex psychological problems. It has also been shown in studies, that children spending much of their time on computers have a lifestyle which is sedentary. It also affects their eating habits which either results in poor health or even obesity (Gunter, 1998).

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