Essay: Effects of Recession on Buying Behavior

Essay: Effects of Recession on Buying Behavior
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The aim of the present dissertation is to explore the impacts of the current ongoing recession on buying behavior of students at Durham University. The result of this study is proposed to be of usefulness, which can be used by business organizations in their marketing strategies to pull towards you and keep this specific group of consumers. This is why the present section would discuss the recession effect on buying behavior of the students through a marketing perspective.

The research identified four types of behaviors of a buyer which includes: programmed buying behavior; limited decision-making buying behavior; extensive decision-making buying behavior; and impulsive buying behavior (Sierra and McQuitty 2005).

This research evidenced some stark facts about the buying behavior of the students. In this framework, the victorious selling strategy may be known as having a pioneering spotlight. This is likely to attract customers’ awareness and add to market share development and income growth. Moreover, it can be recommended that such a marketing advancement may result in the surfacing of new brand appreciation and customer insight. In other words, the economic crisis may appear as a positive era for business, which are aiming new market positions and relocate their positioning approach.

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