Essay: Effects of Separation of Work on Construction Industry

Essay: Effects of Separation of Work on Construction Industry
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The outcome of construction projects heavily relies on the inputs used in these projects. The various inputs used for buildings and construction projects include raw material and labor necessary to convert the raw material into a finished project. The workers in the construction industry have traditionally been specialized in their specific areas of work and are jobs are assigned based on this specialization. The division of work is the mere process of separating work and assigning it to workers who are most suitable and appropriate.

The workers in the construction industry are usually part of a union which represents these workers at various levels and most large construction projects employ members of these unions. “These trade unions are comprised of thousands of local jurisdictions, each with its own unique set of market requirements and contractual relationships” (Finkel p.6).  The construction processes thus follow union patterns to assign jobs and fix wage rate for workers. The division or separation of works has both positive and negative effects on the construction industry. The quality of work is maximized by applying specialized workers to specific jobs and job completion time can be decreased significantly. The work completed by specialized workers has a lower rate of failure and reprocessing. The level of supervision required for specialized workers is quite low as compared to general workers.

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