Essay: Efficacy of Bilingual Education

Essay: Efficacy of Bilingual Education
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This study looked at the efficacy of bilingual education in the development of reading, English and language skills. It was seen that the bilingual education was most effective in English, reading and listening comprehension. Bilingual education is also bale to help in the development of writing, social, attitudes to schools in learners and those who take self tests.

However, these research also the degree to which this effect is felt depends on the criterion or programs used. For example, such programs can be language criterion and academics. Those programs that are affected by environmental factors like social influence, attitude of the learner, social economic factors have a low effect is affected negatively. This research was bale to show that in bilingual education it was factors like language dominance, need for education and environmental exposure were some factors that affected the sociolinguistic aspect.

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