Essay: An Efficient Management Information System

Essay: An Efficient Management Information System
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An efficient Management Information System can be of assistance to business, working smartly without doing hard work. It does not need reduction the secretarial personnel to assist the business achieve a significant improvement in no matter what precise region impacts to that business.

According to the course provided by Management Information Systems Quarterly (1986), the major ethical issue learned here primarily known as PAPA. PAPA stands for Privacy, Accuracy, Property and Access. Information systems are designed while keeping these issues in mind. Privacy is the utmost priority of information (Management Information Systems Quarterly, 1986).

Confidential information regarding the accounts, employment details, personal details of an organization requires security to the greatest extent to avoid leakage and malfunctioning of data. Accuracy is required since it ensures the reliability and trust over authentic content or information provided. Keeping accuracy in information systems keeps the data up to date and free of errors which can be compared to any forged material (if any) while identifying the correct thing (Cate, 1997).

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