Essay: Efficient utilization of the available human resource

Essay: Efficient utilization of the available human resource
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The point of disagreement becomes fairly clear when one looks at the contemporary criterion of recruiting the personals. The newly recruited individuals that either joins the army with or without their consent are not given equal privileges and documented recognition.

The documented recognition implies that the army personals and other related staff members will have an absolute authority to exercise their rights as per the conditions but these recruited individuals were free to exercise their rights and authority under many necessary conditions.

On the other hand, the people who joined the army to pursue their passion for serving their nation and in turn to serve humanity did not encounter the issue and were proudly called the All American Voluntary Military. The point of argument melts down to the point that if the people who are the part of the voluntary military are passionate and enthusiastic than the state can achieve its target of effective and efficient utilization of the available human resource. Elsewhere the people that are forced for the cause will neither be contented nor will they prove productive in serving the required purpose.

The best policy for the United States of America at this pint of time is to adhere to its constitution, the declaration of independence. For if the people within the United States do not feel fully liberated than there is almost no use of transmitting and rendering aid to the war afflicted countries.

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