Essay: Egypt-Customs and Traditions

Essay: Egypt-Customs and Traditions
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The Culture of Egypt spans over 5000 years of history. Ancient Egypt was amongst the most primitive civilizations. For a millennium, Egypt managed to maintain itself as an outstandingly compound and steady culture that had a reflective power on present civilization of Africa, Europe and the Middle East. After the Pharonic period, Egypt came under the power of Hellenism, for some time it was under the influence of Christianity, and afterwards, Arab and Islamic traditions (Gershoni & Jankowski, 2002).

Today, a lot of features of Egypt’s earliest civilization subsist in relation with newer rudiments, counting the authority of contemporary Western culture, itself with ancestry in Ancient Egypt. Way of life and traditions diverged significantly among Egypt’s city life and lifestyle of villages. People living in cities, for instance, are able to benefit from modern amenities such as public transport and government services. They also reside in contemporary apartment life with proper plumbing inside the house coupled with additional essential comforts.

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