Essay: Email and Web Mail

Essay: Email and Web Mail
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Emails are important part of organization’s daily activities. A large amount of data travels through the organization’s computer network as it is shared between different departments. As data travelling on the network could be sensitive in nature and can be intercepted and read by any attacker, access to the data needs to be secured. For this purpose, emails can be secured by using encryption. A number of algorithms are available for this purpose such as S/MIME, TLS and OpenPGP which are also supported by all major clients. In addition encrypted connection service can be used to provide secure transportation of data in a network.

Web Mail

For accessing mails through websites as well, secure connection are need to ensure that the not only the connection to the web mail server is safe but also that the account is protected along with its contents. To secure the connection between the client computer and the server, Secure Socket Layer (SSL) can be used, which provides connection encryption. Furthermore, the organization can also enforce the policy of alpha-numeric passwords in order to secure access to the inbox. In addition, the mails that are secured on the web server can also be target of malicious attempts, which if become accessible can cause an organization a lot of damage. Therefore any email or sensitive data sent through web mail can be encrypted first using a public-private key pair and can be sent over the email securely (Ciampa, 2008).

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