Essay: Embryo Transfers

Essay: Embryo Transfers
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The paper Day four embryo selection is equal to day 5 using a new embryo scoring system validated in single embryo transfers, states that the transfer of day 4 embryos may result in the same selection benefits as day 5 embryo transfers (15). Day 4 transfers allow for a better selection of embryos than day 2 or 3 since they have one more day to grow in culture. This allow for better selection with out the risks associated with blast transfers.

It is believed that day 4 transfers are a viable alternative to day 5 embryo transfers. The selection advantages of extended culture embryos were observed for the papers study in day 4 transfers.  This paper was the first to examine single embryo transfers for day 4 embryos. The main advantage of day 4 transfers over day 5 is the wide range of embryo development on day 4.  The development goes from cleavage stages through to early blastocysts.  It is shown that this is a dynamic period of development. The high pregnancy rates seen in day 4 may be a result of the assessment during this time in selecting an “on time” developing embryo.

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