Essay: Emotions of a Child

Essay: Emotions of a Child
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The authors also state that grieves should not be substituted. Instances of this legend are when elders tend to replace the stolen bike that the child once strolled upon, immediately to mollify the child. And for another instance, elders in the abrupt awakening of family pet’s death, go out and buy a new pet to halt the child from bereavement for the loss of his/her beloved leisure companion. James and Friedman believe that this bereaving period is healthy since its natural, developing the immunity in a child that helps in the longer run to remain strong and cope up with situations. “The emotional attachments children make are essential to happy lives.” (p. 30)

The book also elaborates that grief doesn’t exist and prevail due to death only, instead can be driven by divorced parents, loss of beloved pets, moving to a new separate place, and even in some cases, parent’s jobless life. The books also elaborates that grief grows from unexpected changes in ritualistic activities. It is the role of elders to smooth the progress of a child’s emotions by assisting them find out “undelivered communications,’ messages that they intended to utter prior to the loss, but in no way it was done.

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