Essay: Employee Friendly Initiatives at Futura

Essay: Employee Friendly Initiatives at Futura
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Keeping in mind the learning and growth perspective, Futura has different ongoing processes, for e.g. Annual Performance Measurement, Employees Birthdays, Certified courses, Training, Leadership Programs, Personal Development Programs (Gumbus & Johnson, 2003). The development and fall of a company’s cerebral performances can not only be envisaged but also calculated (Roos & Roos, 1997).

A long list of about 60 benefits or more is provided to the employee in which they have to identify what they feel is of more importance to them. This information derived helps Futura develop programs or strategies in such a manner so as to transform their employees into better and happy employees thus becoming the best employer itself. “Employee Friendly Initiatives at Futura” as this survey is called, is carried out annually.

Birthdays of employees are celebrated throughout the company and the employee is interviewed with respect to his achievement at Futura, association with Futura and the work culture (Johnson, 2003). Questions concerned with the work life balance investigate availability of adequate resources, extensive and timely acknowledgment of issues, support, and prospects (Ourblogtemplates, 2008).

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