Essay: Employee Involvement

Essay: Employee Involvement
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Employee involvement: When the employees of an organisation are involved in certain processes then implementing that process is not an uphill task for any organisation. This involvement clearly depicts that employees of this organisation are satisfied with the conditions that are incorporated in a certain process. Therefore, when employees are motivated, empowered, involved in a process like ISO 9001:2000 then it can be clearly considered as a critical success factor of ISO 9001:2000.

Effective managerial skills: The effective managerial skills of the senior managers can definitely be considered as a critical success factor of ISO 9000:2000 because these managerial skills would urge the employees to perform quality oriented operations so that they can easily implement the processes of ISO 9001:2000. However, the managerial skills must be present in all the senior managers so that they can easily coordinate with each other in the implementation phase of this standard.

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