Essay: Encouragement of Team Work

Essay: Encouragement of Team Work
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For this reason, teamwork can be encouraged within the group comprising of maids. As a leader, I will enforce collective will within the maids and be sensitive to this collective will. This will is not something that emerges over time but it is something that should be created in a systematic organized fashion.

Hence to be an effective leader will require that I foster collective will within the maids and encourage them to work as a group rather than individuals. According to Cassel (1999), an effective leader must play a central role in the creation of the collective will. In this leadership style, “esprit de corps” is an important element. This is simply the sense of union that the group has, it is the sense of belonging that every member is made to have. Maids will be encouraged to be part and parcel of the motel as well as their groups.

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