Essay: Energy Drinks in America

Essay: Energy Drinks in America
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Other optimistic views encompass purpose drinks market such as the energy drinks in America. Market for these drinks has considerably shown a positive trend in 2008. It has an estimated growth of “27.1% to a value of 7,600 million dollars. This value is forecasted to go up to 19,700 million dollars in 2013” (Deichert, Ellenbecker, & Klehr, 2006). Therefore “PepsiCo has optimistic opportunities in this market. Same is the case with market for mineral water. There is a significant boom in this market. Pepsi already holds a very powerful standing in the market with brands like Aquafina, Propel, and SoBe Lifewater. The company has captured 14.5% of the market share in this segment” (Deichert, Ellenbecker, & Klehr, 2006).

PepsiCo is well situated to strap up the impending of flourishing mineral water market in America. “The US fizzy drinks market has been taking a negative growth trend. Its market went down by 0.4% in 2007 to arrive at a value of 63,459.3 million dollars. In 2012, the US fizzy drinks market is predicted to include a worth of 61,758.4 million dollars, a decline of 2.7% ever since 2007” (Deichert, Ellenbecker, & Klehr, 2006).

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