Essay: Environmental Health Project – Swine Flu

Essay: Environmental Health Project – Swine Flu
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Swine Flu has been a recent threat to humans all around the globe. The virus is severe in terms of effectiveness and can lead to fatal results. This paper is going to highlight all the points that may assist in increasing the awareness about H1N1 virus, its causes, preventions and post- disease curing techniques.

H1N1 Influenza

The published material by V. Racaniello (2009) states that the major groups of Islamic and Jewish background have at last, persuaded the WHO (World Health Organization) to replace the name Swine Flu virus to a more specific name as H1N1 virus. Like any other type of influenza, H1N1 also as an H protein, hem-agglutinin, which actually permits the germ to join to human host cell, and N proteins called neuraminidase, which demolishes mucous. Since there are various forms of H and N elements, the numbers following H and N depict the particular form of hem-agglutinin and neuraminidase present in the virus. Hem-agglutinin and neuraminidase are vital since they are critical proteins that let the virus contaminate people. For instance, a sore throat is a result of destroyed mucous layer due to neuraminidase in which the vulnerable cells are infected by hem-agglutinin causing the final destruction of cells. The virus has two types, H1N1 and H3N2. Both have been the major cause of respiratory contagions dating back to 1977. Earlier, it was widely understood that, there is a single form of virus that prevails each season. Although the latest research has proved that vital modification in the shell glycoprotein of this virus known as the antigenic shift, lead to global outbreak of flu identified as pandemics. Up till now six forms of antigenic shift has been recognized since 1889. Each of the pandemic carries HA and NA proteins that have been deficient in individuals thus reducing the immunity levels parallel to non-existence (Racaniello, 2009).

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