Essay: Environmental Politics

Essay: Environmental Politics
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The United States was a pioneer in domestic environmental lawmaking, and it was a leader in international environmental cooperation in the final decades of the last century. During the current decade, however, it has moved away from cooperating with other states in finding new ways to protect the global environment. While its early efforts to address climate change were no worse, and often better than, other developed countries, it has fallen far behind as a number of European states and the European Union have started to implement robust policies to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions.

This chapter recounts this evolution in US policy from environmental leader to environmental laggard. It summarizes the US climate change-related policies and diplomacy, recounting significant events during the presidential administrations of George HW Bush, Bill Clinton and George W Bush. It then extends this summary of events to assess the prospects for US climate policy in the near future.  (Harris)

According to Harris (2009) all of this movement spots to the prospective for an improved attempt by the United States to not just go after Europe in its reactions to environmental amendment but to take the lead in 2009 and beyond. It is basically indisputable that American strategy planners at every rank, and the American citizens themselves, are lastly initializing to cope up with the discipline of environmental change. Americans and their legislative body in Washington no longer keenly disregard the certainty of climate change; they recognize that the rest of the urbanized world is taking action and that the United States cannot and should not be left behind. Refutation is swiftly being left behind by attention and accomplishment at the level of US states and municipalities.

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