Essay: Environmental Protection vs. Environmental Politics

Essay: Environmental Protection vs. Environmental Politics
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Environmental protection and politics have been a major issue involving global institutions to collaboratively counter the threats of pollution. The weakening of the Ozone layer and increasing amount pollution have taken the risks to a higher level. This paper has identified the procedures of acquiring environmental protection with an internationally accepted mutual agreement and has demonstrated the role of politics involved in this matter.

Haas, P.M. “Obtaining International Environmental Protection through Epistemic Consensus.” Millenium: Journal of International Studies (1990): 347-363.

Environmental Protection

It has been widely understood that environmental threats can only be defended by international environmental cooperation. Not only the government but societies that tend to be aware of the facts cooperatively judge that a certain co-operation is required. Within the last 2 decades, environmental co-operation has grown to be triumphant in terms of commitments, activities and their output. The signing of international treaties and investing high amounts of payments and improving the environmental quality have demonstrated this. Environmental awareness is disseminated globally and industries are now commissioning environmental friendly usage of their applications.  (Haas)

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