Essay: The Error Analysis

Essay: The Error Analysis
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The error analysis is an assessment criterion where the teacher is quick to point out errors made by different students faced with similar problem. The teacher attempts to analyze the distractions that the student may be facing from which he/she classifies the children with same distracters. To mitigate this, the tutor should also pin down the error patterns and consequently device the way forward in eliminating them.

It is imperative that the teacher understand the language background of the students as helping the children go through the process of counting rationally should be the sole most objective of the teacher. Therefore, the teacher should help the student learn through the language they fully understand. English speaking students should be left to learn numeracy in their language and consequently the teacher should instruct the students using the same language.

On the other hand, students with exceptional skills and abilities should not receive different attention from the teacher to avoid the incidences of discrimination. Those who learn faster than the rest should not blur the teachers’ objective of assisting all students. Besides, the teacher ought to have a prior knowledge through diagnostic analysis of children’s abilities.

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