Essay: Errors, Risks, and Failures

Essay: Errors, Risks, and Failures
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Possible Causes of Negligence in the Pump Fault Case

There were several areas where mistakes were made due to which the bouncy key fault of the pump went undetected. First, it could have been the software developer who didn’t properly debug the software. Then it could have been a person from software quality assurance whose didn’t ensure the quality of software by not testing it properly. It could have also been the fault of the company which manufactures the hardware for the device on which the software was run. Even if all the people do make mistakes, all electronic devices go through a final quality control check which ensures the overall quality of the products. This control was definitely flawed as the device was not even properly checked for the basic operation of inputting the volume of the dose.

Steps for Ensuring Safety of the Automate Ride

As a System Designer, to ensure the safety of the new ride system, I will do the following things.

–      Do a proper and comprehensive requirement analysis of the new system to identify possible safety threats and processes for their prevention.

–      Ensure simplicity of the design to make it easier to implement.

–      Build the system using a stable technology to minimize the chance of developing faults.

–      Make sure of the accuracy of data entered during the system development.

–      Make sure of the accuracy of data entered after the system is running.

–      Make sure the new computer system predicts safety parameters of the whole ride and doesn’t start the ride if any of the parameters are not met.

–      Make sure it has an emergency stop option.

–      Do comprehensive testing of the computer system at every stage of development to ensure the stability of all components and the quality of the system.

–      Ensure that new ride system has an electricity backup in the form of a Generator while the computer system is protected by a UPS.

–      Ensure continuous availability of sensors to the computer system.

–      Make sure there is a manual override option in case the computer system crashes.

–      Do comprehensive final testing to ensure the system works OK.

–      Document all features of the computer system.

–      Make an operating manual for the system for the stand-by operator in case of emergency.

–      Ensure training of the stand-by operator (Bott, Coleman & Rowland, 2000).

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