Essay: Eurasian Citizens

Essay: Eurasian Citizens
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But how can one eradicate or remove the originality of the philosophies presented by Aristotle, Plato, and Thucydides? Armesto in many ways tries to do this. He pulverizes these philosophies, applies different approaches, and analyzes these philosophies, otherwise recognized for its actually indifferent style of coherent presentation, with Chinese and Indian and also cultic, inexplicable thoughts and feelings and all within one but not so very organized chapter number 6 entitled “The Great Schools”. (Felipe, 158)

Discussion of the Axial Age is one of the most provocative topics in this book.  Armesto, however, in the second edition misses the former lengthy versions but still signifies the astonishing attainments of the thinkers discussed above who have shaped the conversations according to what our world looks like today.  His comparison of environments gives a handful of thoughts as can be seen in his analysis of why the Sahel fails to play the same role in Africa as done in Eurasia. In an examination of the various societies namely Southwest, Mississippian, Norse Greenlander and Mayan societies, their problems in escalating into new ecological functions which are compared with the more triumphant hard works of various Eurasian citizens during the 11th and 12th centuries and with the Inuit.

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