Essay: Evaluating Credibility in Everyday Sources of Information

Essay: Evaluating Credibility in Everyday Sources of Information
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The world, in which we live today, is one that is driven by information. One can remain updated with any information he wants as a number of sources are available which provide information on different topics, on a continuous basis. However, with so many sources available for information, it is crucial to establish their credibility, in order to add weight to the importance of information that they are providing. This week, I was given several resources on this issue which, I was told, would be very important in my learning. After reading through them, I feel I have learned something which is very critical at the current time. It is an eye-opener for me, as previously, I rarely used to doubt the information that I encountered on media. I used to think that they covered all side of the news that they were telling and were unbiased about, but, I was wrong. This week’s resource has made me understood the fact that many of these resources don’t tell the full story at all, and then the part that they tell is often explained from their own perspective.

Now, the way I seek or encounter information has changed in a lot of ways. I now believe that credibility of information and resources is extremely important in getting to the right facts. After going through the November Learning Article, I now believe that I cannot trust an information base on only the credibility of writer or publisher. It has to be the combination of both. I have learned that the information that comes from various sources may not be accepted as it is. One has to be very careful even when the writer and publisher of information are credible. This is because, the writing of the information may be opinionated or biased, or may have been mentioned in an unrelated context which has to be taken into account (November 2009). I have also learned that sources of information which mention references along with facts can be trusted more than those which don’t. However, I also believe now that those references should be credible as well as verifiable in order for me to affirm that the information is authentic (Smith, 2009).

In the past, I used a variety of medium for news and other information. This includes Internet, TV and printed resources. My attitude toward news and information provided by them was very gullible. I believed a person was criminal if they said he was, without even thinking about the situation in which he was involved. I even didn’t use to think whether the information provided was complete or not. However, after going through this week resources, I have learned that each of these media may not act as 100 percent credible source of information. For example, information that has been gained through print media such as newspapers and books may contain information that may be have superseded by the time one gets it.  The Internet is often filled with information either does not have a credible author or publisher or may not mention the original sources. TV news and documentaries though cite the original source of information, but the information provided on this medium might be influenced by corporate nature of TV channels and may need to be verified against other resources for authenticity (Smith, 2009).

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