Essay: Evaluating Information

Essay: Evaluating Information
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My approach for evaluating information would start by looking the author of the information. I would question whether I am sure that the information author has an authority to provide such information or not. If not, then I would search the Internet, newspapers and other sources to read reviews of author and find out how much trust can be put on him.  Then I would proceed to check whether the publisher of information if credible or not. Only when I get positive reply to these two questions, will I then proceed to proceed to read the information in detail.

When reading information, I will need to keep in mind that the information may be biased as well, so I will watch out for selective use of information as well as the tone of the source, which would help me establish the neutrality of the information. I would also look for mention of resources in the information and would use those resources to verify if the information actually checks out as well as making sure that all facts are rightly attributed. While reading the information I would also try to establish if the information is current or not (Smith, 2009).

A very important question that crossed my mind when I was going to the resource given to me this week was since it is  important to evaluate the credibility of source of every information, then what about the evaluation of the learning resources that I was reading. However, after some deliberation, I finally got my answer. I found out that it should be kept in mind for evaluating learning resources provided in this module is that most of the resources are from credible authors and publishers. What needs to be noted while selecting from these resources, is which author and publisher is most relevant to the topic on which the resourced are being searched. Furthermore, the contexts in which these resources are providing information also need to be kept in perspective. Also, it would be excellent to choose a resource that has a lot of verifiable and cited information (Smith, 2009).

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