Essay: Evaluation of Social and Cultural Factors

Essay: Evaluation of Social and Cultural Factors
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The environment is the Czech Republic is composed of a mixture of religions with Christians forming the majority. By opening borders to its neighbors, Czech Republic has resulted in a multitude of cultures that co-exist peacefully in the country; hence it has been assigned an 8 in this sub-factor. Its business culture is also very close to the one found in developed European countries and thus it would be less problematic for business with prior experience in Europe to adopt; it would also serve as a point of learning for businesses with no prior experience in Europe and thus would make it easy to establish business in other European countries (Czech Invest 2005). The Czech Republic offers a high rate of literacy as well as a strong well-educated workforce. The average life expectancy is 67 years and almost half of the working population comprises of male individuals (Central Intelligence Agency 2009).

Russia offers and offers a totally different environment when it comes to business culture.  They believe in win-loss negotiations rather than a win-win scenario. They also consider compromise as weakness and may lose their temper or even threaten to terminate the relationship in order to force you to change your position (Kwintessential 2009). However, Russia also offers a well-education large workforce with a literacy rate of 99%, while also offering good health and demographic statistics (Central Intelligence Agency 2009).

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